Club Policies

 1. Membership: Membership is limited to dues paying members. Membership entitles individuals to the benefits provided by the Club. The Board of Directors has the authority to deny or suspend membership or to limit the number of members in the Club. ● Memberships are restricted to persons 18 years and older. Individuals under the age of 18 may join the Club through a family membership. Family members under the age of 18 may not make reservations for ski trips or other ski related activities without an adult sponsor. Parents or guardians are responsible for minor children during Club events. ● A family membership includes adult members (spouses/partners) or an adult member and any children (21 years of age and under) living in the same household. Children can be direct family members or minors under the guardianship of the adult member(s) living in the same household ● Memberships are restricted to individuals living in Eastern Connecticut (towns bordering on the Connecticut River and east, and Rhode Island)


2. Dues: Dues for individual and family memberships are set at the discretion of the Board of Directors each year.


3. Guests: Members are entitled to reserve one seat for their personal guest. Families may reserve for no more than two guests. Guests are expected to exhibit the same standards of behavior as Club members. Those guests who do not, will not be invited back on future Club activities.


4. Trip Reservations: Club members can reserve seats on day trips six weeks prior to the scheduled date of the event or at the time the trip flyer is released. A second reservation for a subsequent trip will not be allowed until the made reservation is secured by payment. A phone call to the individuals designated on the flyer or email to will temporarily hold a seat(s). After acknowledgement of space availability by the Club, receipt of the payment for the bus/lift ticket by the due date specified on the trip flyer will reserve a seat(s). You will lose your reservation if your payment is not received by the due date. Until one week prior to the scheduled date of the event, members are entitled to reserve one seat for their personal guest (two guests for family memberships). However, after one week prior to the event, the trip will be open to additional guests if the trip is not sold out. For weekend or other trips, instructions for trip reservations will be specified on the flyer.


5. Refunds: Members/guests will receive refunds/credit (in full) for the bus/lift ticket payment one week prior to departure. Thereafter until three days prior to departure, refunds/credit (in full) will be provided contingent on the resale of the seat. If this condition is not met, the member/guest will forfeit the “riders only” portion of the payment (cross country and/or riders only will forfeit their entire payment). Thereafter until the night before departure, cancellation will result in the forfeit the “riders only” portion of the payment (cross country and/or riders only will forfeit their entire payment). A ‘No Show’ on the morning of the trip will result of the forfeit of the entire payment for the lift/bus ticket. There will be no penalties due to cancellations, if the member/guest finds their own replacement. Refunds for the weekend or other trips will be specified on the flyer. Unless it is a hardship, the Club will retain all refunds until the end of the season.


6. Departure Times: Departure time is set forth on the trip flyer as “SHARP.” There are no refunds for being tardy.


7. Equipment in Bus Bays: All equipment that is stowed in the bus bays during a Club event will be packed in bags. No loose equipment will be placed separately in the bays. Snowboards do not need to be a bag.


8. Ski Boots and Coolers on Bus: Ski boots must be stowed in the bus bays. No boots will be allowed in the passenger/seating area. Cooler larger than 14”x 14” x 11” will not be allowed on the bus and must be placed in the bays.


9. Lift Ticket Package Raffle: A raffle for the purchase price of the bus/lift ticket package(s) will be conducted on the afternoon of the day trip provided that there is a ticket(s) available from the mountain. Only members who have purchased a bus/lift ticket (or cross country/ride only) package(s) may participate in the raffle. The amount awarded to the winner will be commensurate with the purchase price of their trip (i.e bus/lift ticket package price vs cross country/ride only price). The Club reserves this drawing as an option depending on the extent that the day trip is filled and other considerations.


10. Cross Country Skiing: Given the availability of facilities and adequate snow conditions, all Club ski trips will attempt to include opportunities for cross country skiing.


11. Trip Cancellation: All deposits are refundable in the event of a trip cancellation. Members and guests will be informed of the cancellation by telephone as soon as the determination to cancel a trip is made. Depending on snow conditions, cross-country skiing may be canceled for a day trip. Affected members will be notified four days prior to the scheduled departure. If these members decline transfer to a downhill activity, they can be credited with a full refund at this time.


13. Suspension: A member may be suspended for the following: ● Behaving in a fashion which affects safety or shows a lack of responsibility while participating in any club activity ● Showing a lack of courtesy towards club officials, trip leaders, other members, transportation or ski resort personnel. ● Violating Norwich Ski Club (NSC) or Connecticut Ski Council (CSC) policies Suspended members may receive a full or partial refund of membership dues at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


14. Medical Emergencies: If a member or guest is injured during the day of a Club event, it is the responsibility of the individual to notify the trip leader and to seek medical attention.


15. Smoking, Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs: The Club maintains a non-smoking policy during those periods when members are together (e.g. bus transportation, dinner after skiing). In addition, alcoholic consumption by minors or any drug and alcohol abuse by any individual attending Cub activities is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action (refer to policies 1, 4, & 13).


16. Club Duties: The Club will be responsible to maintain a member organization and to provide trip services relating to participation in winter sport activities. Additional member benefits will be provided at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


17. Club Liability: Members or guests participating in any club activity do so at their own risk.


18. Connecticut Ski Council (CSC) Bulk Sale Ticket Vouchers and Awareness Days Discounts CSC Bulk Sale Ticket Vouchers are redeemable for any time during the active season and only available for use only to members of the Norwich Ski Club. Tickets can be used on a scheduled Norwich Ski Club trip. To use the CSC Bulk Sale Ticket Vouchers or to participate in the discount purchase opportunity on CSC recognition days requires you to present your membership card identifying you as an NSC member at the participating ski area. It is recommended that you call ahead to the participating ski area prior to departure to get any details. CSC policies strictly forbid the sale of Bulk Sale or Awareness Day lift tickets or vouchers to non CSC affiliated ski club members. Violation of these policies will result in a loss of privileges and/or suspension from the Norwich Ski Club (refer to policies 1, 4, & 13).

19. Connecticut Ski Council (CSC) Bulk Sale Ticket Returns CSC Bulk Ticket returns are done during the month of April. The member is responsible for returning the tickets to the Bulk Ticket Return Coordinator in order to receive credit for those tickets. Members need to be advised that they may not receive credit for all tickets returned as the return policy of the mountains is that they only will take back a certain percentage of tickets which is based on the number of tickets in total that was purchased from each mountain. The member is responsible for maintaining a record of their returned ticket credit/ voucher. These credit vouchers can only be used to purchase tickets the following year from the same mountain which you hold a credit voucher; it can not be used to purchase tickets from other mountains. Bulk Ticket sales are held each year around September and all request forms must be turned in by the stated due date. Emails from the club will be sent to members regarding the bulk ticket sale beginning in September. Members are responsible for placing their order and utilizing their credit, the bulk ticket coordinator and the Norwich Ski Club are not to be held responsible for this process. Any credit vouchers not utilized by a member by the bulk ticket sales due date will forfeit their credit to the Norwich Ski club to use as they see fit. Once the bulk ticket sales are closed, no other orders will be accepted.